(by Diana Beabout)

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Online 13 Blog Posts: Research 

Week 2 topic on research led to interesting connections between research (beyond finding resources for an assignment) and learning (inquiry/independent learning) for teachers and students in addressing the essential question: What role does research play in my daily practice as an educator?

“Adult educators must empower children by giving them the skills to research and evaluate their findings in order to benefit from the normal richness of the internet….Therefore, in my practice, this has challenged me to think about whether I teach dependent or independent learners”
Abigail, in her post Becoming a Researcher

“I began sharing how I was learning [with my students], instead of what I was learning.  When asked a question, I would take it as an opportunity to share a strategy on how to find the answer instead of just give the answer.  I started to openly share my journey as a learner: the failures, the frustrations, the iterations, the successes, the whole part and parcel.”
Danielle, in her post Going from Sage on the Stage to Active Co-Learner

“Educators are the coaches and facilitators that guide students to have agency in their learning. Educators are there to help students hone their skills so that they can guide their own learning journey. This is why I believe research and digital citizenship skills are so important. I want students to be able to have the agency to navigate any resource they need with confidence to find the information they need.”
-Megan, in her post Research & Experiential Learning

Upcoming: The Course 1 Project

Already?! Not quite as it’s still a few weeks out and not due until April 4, but we want you to be aware of what’s coming up. This also gives you time to ask questions and get clarification. Each course has a final project that is posted as your week 6 blog post (with a project reflection). For Course 1, you will be uploading a unit plan that incorporates the essential understandings from this course. Ideally, you will be either designing a new unit that you hope to use soon or perhaps tweaking a unit you recently finished so that it’s ready to go for next year. You can find the details, examples, and templates needed here. We will have more information and support over the next few weeks as needed. 

This Week: Technology to support meaningful learning

Technology has the ability to transform the learning experiences in our classrooms and schools so that it redefines the learning that takes place. But, how do we plan for tech-rich learning to take place? How do we make the tech-rich learning authentic and purposeful? How can we embed technology seamlessly into our curricular areas?

When we choose to use technology as part of the learning experience then there are implications in the classroom and we need to support our thinking & understanding about how we can responsibly and authentically embed technology within our curriculum. With the extenuating circumstances of the past year with the pandemic and the move for many of us to distance and hybrid learning, many educators have had to adjust their teaching to use more technology –  with a variety of successes and challenges. And many in the education community are reflecting on and assessing how the accelerated use of technology could be harnessed to purposefully use technology so that it deepens the learning. 

 (Check out the YouTube Live series Silver Lining for Learning: Conversations on the Future of Learning)

This week’s readings will help you dive a little deeper into the topic and reflect on your own practices in the classroom. As you delve deeper into this concept you may find other articles, blogs, links, and videos that interest you and that you want to read and share. Please do! 

Here are a few others to consider..

Consider our essential question for the week: How can we effectively, practically, and authentically embed technology within our curricular areas?

Look forward to reading about your learning, connections, experiences, and ‘a-ha’ moments on this topic!