In many ways, we can see this week’s theme of finding balance in the previous two weeks. In Respect the Remix, we are grappling between consumption and creation, copying and innovating. In this balance, we find exciting new possibilities captured well by many of your Week 1 posts, captured beautifully by Danielle Richert who noted 

Both the creation process and the writing process are spurred on, are electric with possibility and (dare I say) a little bit of magic when we ask, “This is great, but what if I just…?”

She goes on to pose a provocative question: Is the key to teaching, learning, and honoring creations, and by extension copyright measures, of others as simple as becoming creators ourselves?

Justin Ouellette also posed an important question when he asked: “How do you un-demonize the word “copying”, all the while teaching your learners to respect and pay tribute to the work of others?”

Megan Vosk captures the theme of balance in her statement, “There is a fine line to be walked between copying and giving credit, and the skilled creator is able to navigate those waters successfully.”

Kimberly Shannon describes the brilliant possibilities when we find the balance in the remix, stating

Inspiration is transformed into your own creative work because we become open to the way our eyes see and interpret the beauty in someone else’s work.

She then poses the ultimate question, reflecting on an assignment that required her to simply copy: “My artistic struggle has me wondering, is this the environment our learners are working in as we implement traditional content and assign specific guidelines to follow?”

Image by Einfach-Eve from Pixabay

In the Evolution of Connections, you reflected on the balance between positive and negative Social Media, sharing delightful excerpts of your conversations with students. Your posts and insightful comments from Week 1 and 2, showcase a balance between reflection and action (reflexivity), wondering and inspiring, consuming and creating. 

In Week 3, you will be intentional in your focus on Balance, this time exploring the duality between participation and privacy. How do we find balance in the digital domain, harness the power of global connection and creation, while still allowing space for privacy and offline flourishing?