In Course 2, we focused on becoming global contributors. We reflected on collaboration and co-creation. The balance of privacy and participation. The importance of becoming discerning consumers and creators. We have read numerous points of view, shared personal and professional stories, and gained insights from one another. We have contributed immensely! 

Our Online Cohort 13 participants have shared fantastic insights in their weekly blog posts. Here are a few important ideas from Weeks 3 and 4. 

Brandon Inman asks us to consider “How much thought do teachers put into exposing their students to the latest educational technology before they actually know what it is about?” Check out his steps for showing up safely! 

Coleton Tillett reminds us that “One of the most beautiful aspects of childhood is curiosity. When we are young everything is new. We look at the world with fresh eyes and can’t help but wonder about it, to ask questions, to investigate.” 

Lana Yashchyna shares that “Balance is the answer: be yourself – care, create and share responsibly and freely with the intended audience, differentiate the purpose of your posts and the communities to where you contribute to.”

David Berg notes that “many of us are caught in the middle of the change. We were taught using methods that fit the time, when information was not digital. Now, we need to teach the next generation the skills needed for the digital world.”

Civen Ho reflects forward, stating that her “goal for the coming school year is to provide more opportunities for students to question, discuss and check the information they have found online.”

COETAILers we hope you are proud of your fantastic contributions. You have shared so many amazing stories, insights and reflections! As we continue our journey together, please help us improve. Look for a survey link in this week’s email. Thank you for all of your contributions. We cannot wait to see your collaborative final projects!