Online 13 Course 2 final projects are a testament to our global collaboration as a cohort. Three groups came together across time and space to co-create diverse and unique units and professional learning experiences that integrate COETAIL course learnings. We are beyond impressed with all three projects and are pleased to share them below. 


by Justin Ouellette | David Berg | Megan Vosk  | Danielle Richert | Kimberly Shannon

A masterful product of global co-creation, this professional learning experience is phenomenal. This team of talented educators chose project option 2 and developed an engaging, well-resourced professional learning experience with embedded breakout sessions and a myriad of tools, resources, and participatory experiences. In addition, they planned for a closing Unconference session to foster reflection and action. You will enjoy learning from them and exploring their embedded tools and resources here

Digital Citizenship Mini-Unit

by Brandon Inman | Josmary Adams | Lana Yashchyna | Coleton Tillett

Four elementary educators create a unit essential for students to develop as Digital Citizens, which really connects to being good overall citizens. This unit takes us into the nature of empathy, kindness and participatory culture for young learners, while also helping them stay safe. A wonderful mini-unit to engage students in dialogue, tools and resources. Enjoy it here

How Does the Digital World See Us?

by Civen Ho | Michael Juntke | Abigail Lopez-Salazar

A wonderful unit that incorporates many aspects of digital citizenship while empowering young learners to become creators and kind participants. Students will learn about privacy and copyright as they create their own videos to share, and their learning will culminate in learning about feedback as they reflect upon each other’s videos. Please find the unit here along with a helpful SlideDeck for implementation.

Course 2 Final Projects are a testament to the talented educators in COETAIL Online 13, to the COETAIL experience in general, and to the power of global collaboration and co-creation.

“The smartest person in the room is the room.”  

~ David Weinberger