Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

As a teacher and coach, learning and applying strategies for facilitation and collaboration have had a big impact on my work with students and teachers and in professional learning environments. As our Big Idea for this week states, “Structured, collaborative learning facilitates deeper understanding.”

Two of my big go-to resources for facilitation and collaboration are Project Zero’s Visible Thinking Routines and protocols from School Reform Initiative. I’ve used them with students of all ages and with adults as well. I find they empower the thinking and participation of those involved. I also appreciate how these routines and protocols are organized by purpose and intent. 

And with access to technology, we can enhance these routines in a variety of ways. Here’s a chart Visible Thinking & Teaching for Understanding in a Distance Learning Environment developed by educators at Washington International School that could be applied to face-to-face situations as well.  (Thanks to Joel Bevens again for the recommendation)

For more about collaboration, John Spencer has shared many ideas and resources about collaboration. 

Check out his video “The 7 Keys to Creative Collaboration” and more on his blog here

More from John Spencer on collaboration…

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We look forward to reading more about your experiences with facilitating learning activities and discussions (with students or with teachers) this week! As always, your experiences, reflections, and resources shared will benefit us all.