Image by Edar from Pixabay

We are about 6 weeks in to Course 5 and Online 13 COETAILers have been blogging on a variety of topics. There are no formal weekly blogging prompts in Course 5 and you are encouraged to continue to develop your own voice and blogging routines. 

Check out some recent blog posts for ideas, inspiration, and connections.

Brandon addresses teacher burnout and the “Great Resignation” and offers some ways to support teachers in “We Volunteer YOU For Tribute!”. He shares, There are many things that can be done to retain teachers but I think that the most important thing that leaders can do is just listen. Stephen Covey said, ‘Seek first to understand and then to be understood.’” 

In “Finding Out – Weeks One and Two”,Justin shares the work (and pay off) that goes into collaboration as his team and grade 12 CAS (Community Action Service) students prepare and implement lessons for the grade 4 unit on “Sharing the Planet”. 

“We could embark in a cross-campus student learning experience where we could help grade 12s with a CAS project of theirs and they could help us by teaching grade four students about climate change, some causes, and more!”

Michael covers the topic of “Evolution”, especially in relation to communication, technology, and his own journey with COETAIL.

“I made a conscious decision to focus on evolution. Because, in my opinion, it can be applied not only to people but also to technology. Human evolution goes hand in hand with our technology. Should mean no human = no technology.”

Coleton kicks off Course 5 with enthusiasm about her Course 5 project which centers on redesigning a fourth grade unit on energy. 

”While I still wanted to give my students agency and voice by allowing them to choose a topic to learn more about, I felt like we could use technology in a more transformative way.” Read more about the adjustments she made to accomplish this in “Course 5…Let’s Go!”

Megan reflects on who influences, encourages, and supports her as an educator. She shares, “As a teacher, I think a lot about the concept of the Guru. I spend most of my day giving lessons to others. I provide feedback, support, advice, and suggestions. I tell students what to do and how to do it. I critique their work and push their thinking forward. But how do my students see me? And who is my teacher?” Read more about what she discovers in “In search of the ever elusive Guru…”

We look forward to hearing more from our Online 13 Cohort over the next couple of months as they share their ideas, experiences, and reflections as they continue their COETAIL journey.