Course 5 projects are well underway and the deep, rich learning happening across the COETAIL world is exciting. From energy summits to digital stories, service projects to exploring ancient civilizations, personalized mathematics to sharing the planet, there is a plethora of transformational learning underway. These are the stories we are currently living with our students and the first part of our final project: redesign and implement a unit.

The second phase of our project poses the exciting question: how will we tell this story? 

Your final project involves creating a 10-minute digital story that outlines your journey from redefinition to implementation. Why did you design the unit you chose? How did you implement it? What happened? What was the impact on your practice and on student learning? 

Your story can take on a myriad of creative forms and should include images, video clips, interviews or survey data. Most importantly, it should include a storyline that incorporates your voice along with essential elements of digital storytelling. 

Bernajean Porter, author of DigiTales and numerous articles around digital storytelling shares this definition:

“Digital Storytelling takes the ancient art of oral storytelling and engages a palette of technical tools to weave personal tales using images, graphics, music and sound mixed together with the author’s own story voice. Digital storytelling is an emerging art form of personal, heartful expression that enables individuals and communities to reclaim their personal cultures while exploring their artistic creativity.”

Creating digital stories is challenging, but it is also a fun and inspiring art form that allows us to share our work in an engaging and creative medium. Here are some resources that may help!

  • Our very own Megan Vosk is using digital storytelling for her final project. Check out her journey here along with many brilliant resources and a poster of essential elements made by her students. 
  • Take 6 elements of digital storytelling.
  • DigiTales Resources
  • ISTE Digital Storytelling Network resource site 

A myriad of resources exist that will inform and inspire great stories. You may also wish to checkout this playlist of COETAIL final projects to spark your imagination!

Enjoy this next part of the journey–creating and reflecting!