With about five weeks left in Course 5, Online 13 COETAILers continue blogging on a variety of topics. There are no formal weekly blogging prompts in Course 5 and they are encouraged to continue to develop their own voice and blogging routines. 

Check out some recent blog posts for ideas, inspiration, and connections.

“Building a Community”

Brandon shares his personal experience and current experiences addressing the benefits of community for students through weekly “circles” and activities as part of their PYP exhibition launch. 

“With so many different emotions happening in my class this week, I am reminded of the important role that teachers play in the social-emotional well-being of their students. The past couple of years have been so hard on all of our students and I sometimes forget that my fifth graders have not had a “normal” school year since they were in the second grade.”

“Going Further and Sorting Out”

Justin provides many examples of how he’s applied and extended ideas and concepts from COETAIL courses. Here is another post on his team’s Sharing the Planet unit which provides lots of resources and models on how to plan and implement an engaging PYP unit.

“Essentially, students would choose and become mini-experts within one of these five areas [climate change issues]. Teachers would take the lead in one area, then collate or synthesizing some kid-friendly research media. In addition, the teacher facilitators for each domain would model research skills and create exemplars to help scaffold the skills needed in order for the students to create the explanation text brochures that was part of the summative task of this unit.”

“I – We & The World”

Michael reflects on his schools slogan “I, We & the World” and connects to life in general and his experience with COETAIL. Reflecting on his work through COETAIL over that past year he recognizes the learning and growth he has experienced. 

“I, we and the world – three small inconspicuous words with great power. What’s your motto? Is there anything similar at your school?”

“COETAIL….What Has It Done For You Lately?”

Coleton reflects on her renewed interest in professional learning, including COETAIL, and it’s impact on a new role for her as an instructional coach! 

“…thanks to COETAIL I have so much more confidence in myself. It wasn’t always easy to do the coursework and teach, but it was never unmanageable. The work I did throughout the courses also inspired me to learn more. Suddenly, I wanted to keep learning and building my resume. I sometimes can’t seem to help myself, I am so thirsty for more professional knowledge.”

“How Has COETAIL Changed My Pedagogy”

David shares how COETAIL has impacted his teaching especially around pedagogy and leveraging technology. David references how his students are experiencing more agency, having spaces to share learning, creating digital artifacts,and interacting positively online. 

“To link my action with current best practices and to understand the benefit of increasing student agency, focusing on positive comments, pushing tasks beyond the classroom, and focusing on SAMR have been just a few of the ways I have benefited from COETAIL.”

“On Modeling and Mentor Texts”

Megan shares some very useful resources on modeling and applies them to the creation of digital stories in her classroom (as part of her COETAIL Course 5 final project). In addition to modeling the digital storytelling process for her students, she created “mentor texts” to guide them in own creations. 

“I think that creating my story first – and then allowing the students to help me improve it – made them feel more comfortable soliciting feedback from each other. I had to allow myself to be vulnerable and open to critique.”

As Online 13 finishes up Course 5, look for more blog posts on Community Engagement and their Course 5 Final Projects.