The Community Engagement element of Course 5 calls for us “to continue on our own to stay involved in the COETAIL community, build our own PLN, and collaborate with educators around the world.”

The Online 13 Cohort has exceeded this goal and continues to inspire the program with so much passion, talent and insight. Please take a moment to review their fantastic contributions to community engagement and global collaboration. 

Brandon writes about Staying Connected in a Time of Disconnection and how his COETAIL colleagues have served as a support during this journey.

Megan highlights the myriad of engagements and risks she has taken throughout her time in COETAIL in her Community Engagement post. She highlights the numerous opportunities she has embraced, including serving as an educational leader with much insight to share. 

Coleton writes about Building her PLN by accident, which is often the best way to sustain a practice as it is derived from authentic iteration. She has even embraced buddy classes for her students, so they are now growing their PLN as well. 

Justin writes about the importance of Staying Connected. In this post, he also shares a number of opportunities he has had to engage globally and present his expertise, alongside discussing the importance of the backchannel. 

Michael shares a metaphor, noting We’re All in the Same Boat, and the boat is planet earth. He shares the many opportunities we’ve had to connect, both within and outside of COETAIL. 

David shares his growth from lurker to learning to engage more online and writes that “COETAIL has GREATLY increased my awareness, knowledge, and confidence in my own learning.” 

In each of these posts, we see authenticity, vulnerability and a commitment to ongoing learning and growth. It is a testament to COETAIL, the ongoing engagement of this community, and it is also a testament to Online 13, their commitment to deep learning. They are a community of truly engaged learners!