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The focus of the Community Engagement element of Course 5 is “to continue on your own to stay involved in the COETAIL community, build your own PLN, and collaborate with educators around the world.”

Although the blog post on this topic may not be done until later in the course, a plan on how to continue to engage with other educators will be important. 

(COETAILers – for more details, check out the Course 5 Community Engagement Rubric in the Welcome to Course 5! Module – Assessments tab)

COETAIL Online 14 has started and these new COETAILers would appreciate additional comments on their blog posts. Please take a few minutes and take a look through some of their latest posts and share your experience and feedback. 

COETAIL Online 14 Blogs

And here are some examples of how a few COETAILers from COETAIL Online 12 engaged in their PLN communities and documented their experiences. 

Andrea shares how she connected and collaborated with others throughout Course 5 in a variety of ways in “Collaborating and Connecting”

In “Professional Learning on Twitter”, Luiz writes about the way he was inspired to connect and collaborate with others through Twitter Chats including co-hosting an IB cross-program chat on Twitter.

Cindy documents how she used many different ways of connecting via Twitter Chats, guest blog posts, interactions with future colleagues, and educator cohorts that she is part of. See “Community Engagement”

What are some ideas you have for Community Engagement
(digital or in-person)?